The Holy Monastery of Great MeteoronĀ is the biggest of the Meteorite monasteries.

The church ‘Katholikon’, honoured to the ‘Transfiguration’ was erected in the middle of 14th c. and 1387/88 and decorated in 1483 and 1552. The old monastery is used as a museum, nowadays.

The Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron

It was founded by Holy Athanasios the Meteorite (first owner and organiser of the Monastic coenobium) at the largest rock (Wide Rock).
His successor and second owner of the Holy Monastery was the monk, Holy Ioasaf, former “king” Ouresis John, son of the Serbian-Greek “king”, that resided in Trikala, Simeon Ouresis Paleologos.

The monastery of Great Meteoron has already more than 600 years of existence. Its monastic presence and its fame have never ceased to exist. It is a real bastion of orthodox monasticism and Christendom.