Monasteries on the top of Meteora rocks

Monasteries on the top of Meteora rocks

Of the 24 monasteries today operate six while the remaining are uninhabited and in ruins.

Today, the tradition of Orthodoxy is continued uninterrupted for over 600 years by the following monasteries:

  • the Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoro (or the Transfiguration of Jesus)
    It was founded by Holy Athanasios the Meteorite (first owner and organiser of the Monastic coenobium) at the largest rock (Wide Rock).
  • the Varlaam Monastery
    Its founder is the hermit Varlaam in the middle of 14th century. Later, it was renovated by the brothers Theophanis and Nektarios Apsaras from Ioannina.
  • the Saint Stephen Monastery
    Owners are Holy Antony, in the early and mid 15th century and Holy Philotheos, who, in the middle of the 16th century, rebuilt the church of Saint Stephen.
  • the Holy Trinity Monastery
    Built in 1475-76 and decorated in 1741 by the brothers Antony, a priest and Nicolas.
  • the Saint Nicholas Anapafsas Monastery and
    The catholic (‘Katholikon’), dedicated to Saint Nicholas, is a single – nave church with small dome, built in the beginning of 16th century.
  • the Rousanou Monastery.
    It took its present form in the early 16th century, by the monks and brothers Ioasaf and Maxim from Ioannina.

There are also 15 more Uninhabited and in ruins old monasteries in Meteora.

Meteora Monasteries

All these monasteries preserved various treasures and relics, that visitor can admire, for example:

  • A miniature masterpiece carved iconostasis located in the Catholic Monastery of Agios Stefanos
  • Very old Icons and Paintings that are now kept in the sacristies of churches
  • Crosses with Holy Wood
  • Over a thousand manuscripts and precious value series of Byzantine and post-Byzantine documents
  • Pontifical rods
  • Brocaded priestly vestments
  • Gospels
  • Lead seals,
  • Silver reliquaries
  • Utensils for operational purposes
  • The miraculous skull of Saint Charalambos

We suggest to visit all of them if you come to Meteora & Kalampaka. If you don’t have time, try to visit al least the Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoro. If you have problem with stairs, visit the Saint Stephen Monastery, it’s the easiest to access.