Sports in Meteora area

Sports in Meteora area

You can do various sports in Meteora, but the most favorite are climbing & hiking.

Climbing in Meteora.

Mountaineers will find about fifty massive towers of rock and approximately eighty peaks worth climbing amongst the four groups found in the central area of Meteora. The extensive wall of Great Saint-Grosse Heilige(Aghia) facing Kalampaka rises to the greatest height – well over 300 meters.

There are many climbing routes in Meteora.

The routes have a reasonable minimum of safe-guards in order to make climbing a responsible sporting activity rather than a hazardous game for all those able to tackle the existing difficulties. Standing and abseiling rings as well the intermediate bolts are trustworthy (stainless anchors for climbing 10 – 12 – 16 mm, and chemical-ampoules). As the surface of the rock is smooth and compact, it is unsuita

Sports in Meteora, climbing

ble for attaching normal pitons or other kind of protection.

Recommend: respect the ethics and standards of the climbing area.

There is an Alpine Club here, too. The Alpine Club of Kalambaka established at 10/10/1989. A.C.K. is a tactical member of Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing.

Hiking in Meteora.

There are many hiking routes and footpaths here in Meteora and neightbouring mountains.

There is a Hiking Club here called “Hiking Club of Meteora & Aspropotamos” (SOMA in greek).